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Kabukabu, ride hailing service

Kabukabu is an easy-to-use ride-hailing platform providing safe secure, convenient, affordable, and efficient logistic solutions to users nationwide. We strive to become the best e-logistic service trusted by Nigerians and African countries as a whole. We provide safe and profitable environments for our drivers also where they can drive and earn successfully.

Our Mission

The mission is to provide safe, reliable, and affordable transportation services that improve the quality of life for people in every city we operate in.

Our Vision

A future where transportation is not a burden, but a pleasure, and our ride-hailing company will be at the forefront of this transformation by providing the most innovative and user-friendly mobility solutions.

Why Kabukabu

Kabukabu is a great choice in times of high demand, there is always a driver nearby when you need a low- cost ride fast. If you need a ride that looks good, Kabukabu has a great selection of vehicles. The customer service is great and the in-app user interface is seamless making it easy to use. The wallet feature helps you budget for your rides ahead of time easily.

Kabukabu Driver

Our Core Strength


We are committed to making your rides as safe as possible. You'll see who's coming to pick you up and in what car right on the app. You'll see information about your driver, such as their name, car number, and rating, and you will be able to share your trip with whomever you like so they know where you are.

Affordable Comfort

Get to your destination at the right level of comfort and price for you. We create the required quality sense in our drivers to deliver that experience that you wished for, every time.


Get paid as you drive for Kabukabu, The driver App shows the price of each ride and your total earnings in your wallet. You only pay a sum of Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira at the end of each week.

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